About Us

Estrella Patagónica S.A. (EPSA) is a fishing company dedicated to seafood capturing and processing, located in Patagonia Argentina. Maximizing the possibilities of nutrient preservation by sea freezing and land processing, EPSA offers products of excellent quality reaching the standards of the most demanding markets around the world.

Innovation, technology and effort at the service of products, to develop quality born in nature and improved in our factories.


Our fleet operates permanently in the Argentinean fishing ground with Trawling and Beam Trawling Factory ships, which capture, process and freeze products in the sea, as well as with fresh fish vessels that provide raw material for our on-shore processing plant.

Punta Pardelas
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On-Shore Plant

EPSA owns a cutting-edge fish processing on-shore plant to produce Shrimp, Illex Squid, Hake, Grenadier and other species, which are featured in our wide range of products. Our plant’s main goal is to enhance product quality as well as preserving environmental conditions.

Video Summary

In the following video, you can find out more about our processes, on-shore plant, etc.